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  • Sue Butler

    My style of photography is very personal to me with macro being my favourite way to capture the beauty of nature. I am always looking for the small intricate details that people just seem to pass by and a lot of my work usually features one or two flowers or insects in the foreground focusing on their individual beauty and colours.

  • Matthew Cattell

    I have recently been honoured with the title "Landscape Photographer of the Year" for my winning image of Starling Vortex - a photograph which captures a starling murmuration around the ruins of Brighton’s West Pier.

  • Barbara Pasquet James

    Truth be known, I am flattered and even somewhat amused to be invited as this month’s Featured Photographer. If you read the About page on my almost-photo-a-day blog FocusOnParis.com – I often skip Sundays – the first thing I point out is that I don’t [...]

  • Ceri Davies

    I am a 32-year-old photographer from a small village in South Wales, U.K. I have a huge passion for photography and a desire to see the world and experience new cultures - documenting them along the way.

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